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"I commend WSIA
for its years of
public outreach
and ability to
build consensus."
Edgar Saenz,
Past President
Westchester Rotary,
Current Board Member
Westchester Vitalization Corporation
Invest in the Community That Invests in You

WESTCHESTER HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED since a core group of dedicated citizens spoke up at a city council meeting in 1990. Where there was blight, now there is beauty. Where there were hazards, now there are safe passageways for pedestrians. Westchester Streetscape Improvement Association has spearheaded many projects so that Westchester’s streetscapes once again reflect the warm and welcoming heart of our community.

1,327 Trees Planted

WE PLANTED hundreds of healthy, young trees that will improve the air quality, shade and walkability of our neighborhood for years to come.

1,502 Feet Of New Sidewalk

WE SMOOTHED miles of sidewalk to improve pedestrian safety and encourage physical activity.

75 Commemorative Plaques

WE FUNDRAISED AND INSTALLED plaques to honor the heroes of our past and encourage the heroes of the future.

$2.8 Million in Donations

WE ARE PROUD that all of your donated dollars are invested in the local community.

Our Work
Westchester Town Center
Westchester Town Center
Residential Sepulveda
Residential Sepulveda
Trees In The Triangle
Trees In The Triangle
Manchester Median Trees
Manchester Median Trees
Westchester Parkway
Westchester Parkway
South Welcome Sign
South Welcome Sign
Sepulveda Safe Route To School
Residential Sepulveda Blvd: Safe Route To School
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Sepulveda 83rd to 84th
Residential Sepulveda Blvd:
83rd St to 84th St
Sepulveda Howard Hughes Parkway to 79th
Residential Sepulveda Blvd:
Howard Hughes Parkway to 79th
Sepulveda Ctr. Dr. HH Prkwy
Residential Sepulveda Blvd:
Center Dr. to Howard Hughes Parkway
Manchester Ave. Sepulveda to Lincoln
Manchester Ave:
Trees & Sidewalk Repair
Sepulveda Blvd. To Lincoln Blvd.
La Tijera 405 to Airport Blvd
La Tijera Blvd:
405 to Airport Blvd.
Promote Formation Of Manchester-Lincoln BID
Promote Formation Of
Manchester-Lincoln BID.