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“Our community
continues to
transform for the
better because of
ongoing support
from people
like you.”
John Ruhlen,
WSIA President

THE WESTCHESTER STREETSCAPE IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization that partners with citizens and businesses to improve the quality of life in Westchester, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. Where there was blight, now there is beauty. Where there were hazards, now there are safe passageways for pedestrians.

Through generous donations and support from people like you, WSIA has spearheaded many projects so that our streetscapes once again reflect the warm and welcoming heart of our community.

Watch Our Streetscape Vision Video
Westchester Landscape Entry Project

FOLLOW IN THE FOOTSTEPS of your fellow neighbors and support WSIA today. Every dollar you donate will be used directly for the purposes of improving Westchester. This includes buying healthy trees, raw materials for sidewalk and road improvements, and hiring talented individuals to carry out these important projects.